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  1. 12" Wide Petrified Cypress Wood Bookends

    12" Wide Petrified Cypress Wood Bookends


    This nicely sized pair of petrified wood bookends display the distinct wood pattern associated with Cypress wood specimens.

    Measurements: ~12-1/2" Wide x 9-1/2" High x 2-1/4" Deep Location: Saddle Mountain, Washington State, U.S.A. Species: Cypress

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  2. 14" Petrified Wood Bookends

    14" Petrified Wood Bookends


    These beautiful petrified wood bookends have a felted bottom, and are large enough to support your most sizable volumes. The patterning on the front face really displays the wood grain of an ancient tree. The contrasting grays, browns and whites play off each other very nicely. There are also nice little openings where knots may have popped out, giving each bookend a unique accent.

    Measurements: ~14" Wide x 11 High x 2-1/4" Deep Location: Washington State, U.S.A. Species: Sequoia< Learn More
  3. 15" Petrified Wood Bookends

    15" Petrified Wood Bookends


    Is there anything more beautiful than petrified wood from Arizona? These extraordinary bookends have a magnificent iron oxide induced color patterning of reds, purples, browns and yellows, all intermixing with its main Quartz canvas They have of course been felted for safe display. Measurements: ~15" Wide x 8" High x 2-1/4" Deep Location: Arizona, U.S.A. Species: Conifer Learn More

  4. 7" Petrified Wood Slab

    7" Petrified Wood Slab


    This Petrified wood slab has beautiful subtle hues. The details in the tree rings make this piece come to life from another time period.

    Measurements: 7" Across x 3-1/2" Thick Location: Pacific Northwest, U.S.A. Time Period: Paleocene ~60 MYO Learn More

  5. 7.75" Petrified Wood Slab

    7.75" Petrified Wood Slab


    This slab of petrified wood is from a anchient hickory tree. The hues are amazing with whites and grays, with little bands of iron that mineralized the tree.

    Measures: 7-3/4" Wide x 6-1/2" Tall

    Location: Deschutes, Oregon 

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  6. 8" Petrified Wood Bookends

    8" Petrified Wood Bookends


    These petrified wood bookends display a very unique look. The iron induced warm browns intermixing with the crisp white quartz is a very nice contrast. They are nicely sized (and nicely priced), to fit most budgets. They have been felted for safe display on most flat surface.

    Measurements: ~8" Wide x 6" High x 2" Deep Location: Washington State, U.S.A. Species: Sequoia Learn More

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